INDIA-EU LEADERS’ MEETING HELD ON 08 MAY 2021 – by Ashok Parashar A P J A and Associates Chartered Accountants

At the invitation of the President of the European Council Mr. Charles Michel, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi participated in the India-EU Leaders’ Meeting on 08 may 2021. The meeting was held in a hybrid format with the participation of leaders of all the 27 EU Member States as well as the President of the […]

INDIA ATTRACTED HIGHEST EVER TOTAL FDI INFLOW by Ashok Parashar A P J A and Associates Chartered Accountants

Measures taken by the Government on the fronts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy reforms, investment facilitation and ease of doing business have resulted in increased FDI inflows into the country. The following trends in India’s Foreign Direct Investment are an endorsement of its status as a preferred investment destination amongst global investors: India has […]


The taxation of the super-rich is an hot topic at the moment in Latin America. It is a region which has been severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak, resulting in significant consequences for its economies and state coffers; for example Argentina and Bolivia already approved measures to tax their super-rich, but in other Latin American […]

ECONOMIC COOPERATION BETWEEN INDIA AND ITALY – by Ashok Parashar A P J A and Associates Chartered accountants

MAIN HIGHLIGHTS BASED ON THE 20TH SESSION OF INDIA ITALY JOINT COMMISSION FOR ECONOMIC COOPERATION (JCEC) HELD ON 26TH FEBRUARY, 2019 IN NEW DELHI, INDIA   Italy is India’s 5th largest trading partner in the European Union and 25th in the World during 2017-18. Italy has inherent strengths in manufacturing, design and innovation and skills […]


Rotterdam is a maritime capital because its strategic location near the North Sea, Atlantic and major European rivers, has led to the development of a world-class cluster of maritime expertise, backed up by centuries of experience in shipping and trade. The Rotterdam of today is the centre of maritime innovation attracting companies and talent from all […]


Banksy’s career has been marked by experimentation, risk, and a daring playfulness. His stencil-heavy motifs—of rats, cops, and kids with balloons—have simply become part of a shared cultural vocabulary, reproduced (and ripped off) with abandon. Banksy is less of an artist than a global phenomenon. He’s an anonymous graffiti superhero whose identity is endlessly debated by […]

Energy Transition in Africa – By Francisco Pimenta de Castro

The Growth of Sustainability Metrics Africa produces only 2% of global CO2 emissions when it comes to energy, when at the same way it integrates some of the most vulnerable countries in the world. Africa not only has the richest solar resources in the world, with a production of 1% of global solar energy, but […]


Animals and insects pick up the pollen of flowers and spread it, they allow plants, including many food crops, to reproduce; the most common pollinators are insects, and among them, bees. Pollinators contribute directly to food security. Nearly three quarters of the plants that produce 90 per cent of the world’s food require this external […]

Oil and Gas Tax Policy in Angola – By Francisco Pimenta de Castro

Current Overview and Corporate Structure Angola’s constant growth rate has been conducted over the years through the oil sector, with oil production and associated activities corresponding to 50% of GDP, and with an 89% rate on the country’s exports. Angola holds about 8,100 billion barrels of proved crude oil, remaining the second largest oil producer […]


Water is the most fundamental of natural resources and is coming under pressure. And not just in the increasingly dried Middle East or North Africa. Even in Europe, about a third of the landmass and about 11 percent of the population suffers from water shortages. Access to water is increasingly a source of conflict, and […]

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