INDIA-EU LEADERS’ MEETING HELD ON 08 MAY 2021 – by Ashok Parashar A P J A and Associates Chartered Accountants

At the invitation of the President of the European Council Mr. Charles Michel, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi participated in the India-EU Leaders’ Meeting on 08 may 2021. The meeting was held in a hybrid format with the participation of leaders of all the 27 EU Member States as well as the President of the […]

INDIA ATTRACTED HIGHEST EVER TOTAL FDI INFLOW by Ashok Parashar A P J A and Associates Chartered Accountants

Measures taken by the Government on the fronts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy reforms, investment facilitation and ease of doing business have resulted in increased FDI inflows into the country. The following trends in India’s Foreign Direct Investment are an endorsement of its status as a preferred investment destination amongst global investors: India has […]


The taxation of the super-rich is an hot topic at the moment in Latin America. It is a region which has been severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak, resulting in significant consequences for its economies and state coffers; for example Argentina and Bolivia already approved measures to tax their super-rich, but in other Latin American […]


The Free State of Bavaria is one of 16 German federal states (Bundesländer) located in the southeast of the Federal Republic of Germany. Bavaria is the second most populated federal state (Eurostat, 2018) and  is one of Europe’s most competitive industrial regions with a pronounced specialisation on the automotive industries, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering automation […]


It is a general rule for valuers, that a valuation should be made for a company when considering the latter as a whole, on the basis of all the information that can ensure the reliability, neutrality, clarity and transparency of the valuation itself. It should be stated, firstly, that the valuation of a company is […]


La vendita di moda online in Italia è in espansione, i numeri parlano chiaro: è fondamentale quindi, come vedremo in seguito, avere una panoramica sui dati statistici aggiornati ad oggi (2016) in Italia del mercato della vendita online di abbigliamento. Se prendiamo per buoni gli insight che vengono forniti nelle ricerche di mercato di Google […]